My name is Coy, AKA Crazy Boy Coy, and I have been a professional entertainer for over a decade. I’m based out of Kansas City, MO although I have traveled all over the county to entertain. I used to call myself a professional juggler but I don’t juggle very much in my show anymore. A better description for my show would be a comedic fire and circus artist. For example some of my signature stunts include breathing fire while on a walking ladder, squeezing my body through a tennis racket while on a rola-bola and jumping rope on a rolling globe while blindfolded.  I can of course do specific things in my show at your request.


Here is a list of some of my talents:

Stilt walking
Up to 6 ball juggling
Up to 5 club juggling
Handstand push ups
Fire eating/fire breathing
Fire poi/fire staff/ fire staff juggling
Rolling board stunts
Tennis racquet and ring contortion
Bowling ball juggling
Devil sticks
Object balancing
Various combo stunts

I do all this crazy stuff while keeping the audience engaged through witty banter, physical comedy and audience participation. My show ranges from completely kid friendly all the way to adults only depending on the audience I am currently performing for. Finally for those of you concerned with safety, I am fully insured and have never had any issues.